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Origin 2, Blacksmith
Origin 2, Blacksmith
Origin 2, Blacksmith
Origin 2, Blacksmith
Origin 2, Blacksmith
Origin 2, Blacksmith

Origin 2, Blacksmith

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The Origin 2 Blacksmith headlamp is designed with machined aluminum, zebra wood, and high strength tempered glass.  The proprietary optical design achieves powerful and evenly distributed illumination.  

Eukarya's latest generation of headlamps feature USB-C charging, water resistance, and a dedicated battery indicator LED.   

The Origin 2 headlamp includes other notable usability enhancements:

  • Holding the power button for two seconds switches the headlamp on/off, helping to avoid unintentional clicks that turn your light on and drain your battery while it's packed away. 
  • Improved battery management automatically dims the headlamp as power runs down, to further extend battery life. 
  • Brightness memory ensures the headlamp is already in your preferred brightness mode when you click it on.  


Materials: Zebra wood, black anodized aluminum, forest green band

Brightness: 300 lumens at maximum brightness  

Color Temperature: 5000k (natural daylight representative)

Battery Life: Up to 10 hours

Rechargeable: USB-C rechargeable internal battery

Modes: High, medium, low; double-tap to strobe

Positioning: 50 degree downward tilt adjustment  

Water Resistance: IP52 rating offers protection from rain and incidental splashes

Weight: 2.99 oz 

One-for-One: Eukarya plants one tree for every product sold